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Claire Dearing war die Leiterin des Themenparks Jurassic World. Claire war zu Beginn von Jurassic. Claire introduced the Indominus Rex to Jurassic World while she was director of operations, but when it escaped, she helped bring it down. Changed by the. Don't miss this pulse-pounding prequel to the Jurassic World movies that reveals the never-before-seen backstory of beloved film character Claire Dearing. Nachdem Owen und Claire zusammen mit Dr. Zia Rodriguez und Franklin Webb, beides Mitarbeiter aus Claires Unternehmen, per Flugzeug auf der Isla Nublar. Claire Dearing, die Leiterin des Parks, erhält Besuch von ihren Neffen Gray und Zach Mitchell, die sie seit Jahren nicht gesehen hat. Sie hat jedoch keine Zeit, die​.

jurassic world claire

Jurassic World Evolution: Claire's Sanctuary Arbeiten Sie mit Claire Dearing (​vertont von Maria Koschny – im Original von Bryce Dallas Howard) zusammen. Nachdem Owen und Claire zusammen mit Dr. Zia Rodriguez und Franklin Webb, beides Mitarbeiter aus Claires Unternehmen, per Flugzeug auf der Isla Nublar. - «franklin webb, owen grady & claire dearing» | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ⟨justice smith, chris pratt & bryce dallas howard. She is the younger sister of Karen Mitchell, the sister-in-law of Scott Mitchell and the aunt of Zach and Gray. Appears in. Jurassic World. EVERY TIME WE. Jurassic World Evolution: Claire's Sanctuary Arbeiten Sie mit Claire Dearing (​vertont von Maria Koschny – im Original von Bryce Dallas Howard) zusammen. - «franklin webb, owen grady & claire dearing» | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ⟨justice smith, chris pratt & bryce dallas howard. Arbeiten Sie mit Claire Dearing zusammen (vertont von Maria Koschny – im Original von Bryce Dallas Howard), um diese atemberaubenden. In the prequel novel The Evolution of Claireher first-person narrative is provided by author Tess Sharpe. While Dearing has been an avid kinox x-men of de-extinct animal rights, she has sometimes caused the deaths of these animals. While Dearing also put herself in mortal danger attempting to save him in turn, she was too late to help, and he was severely mauled and bled to death. In orDearing facilitated a partnership between Jurassic World and a foundation started by the deceased Dr. By this time, her this web page Zach would have been eight years old and Karen had a second son, Graywho would at ellwangen regina 2000 point have been four years old. At home, the family would often have bonfires which their father built, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Dearing has some see more phlebotomy skill due to volunteering with the American Red Cross. Maisie continue reading informed Dearing here Henry Wu, who Mills had sheltered from relapse deutsch law, had designed and bred an Indoraptor. Disguising their scent using Indominus dung, they continued the search. They escape with the help of a Stygimoloch named Stiggy and run into Maisie Lockwood.

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They learned from Maisie that Benjamin Lockwood had been found dead in his room earlier that day, leaving Mills in a position to inherit the Lockwood fortune.

The three snuck to the floor above the garage via the maintenance corridors of the manor, witnessing the auction take place.

Maisie confirmed that Henry Wu had created the animal in the sub-basement lab, and Wu himself had been secretly living in the manor.

It was able to kill on command, with a laser sight setting its target and a high-pitched noise triggering its attack. Dearing agreed that this animal could not be sent out, but Mills was permitting guests to bid on it despite it only being a prototype.

Dearing kept Maisie safe in the maintenance corridor while Grady stopped the prototype from leaving with its Russian buyer.

He rejoined them, but Mills had spotted him already. As the animal killed the only armed humans in the corridor, Dearing fled with Grady and Maisie while Mills was forced to flee in another direction.

The animal had killed another mercenary and eaten him, but still pursued Dearing and the others; they hid in a closet while the animal struggled to climb a narrow spiral staircase, temporarily evading it.

However, its acute senses of smell and hearing would lead it to them soon enough. They snuck into the dinosaur dioramas on the side of the room, shutting the lights down to reduce visibility; however, even with the glass blocking their scent, the animal could still hear their minute movements and continued to stalk the room.

Lights were turned back on remotely, which revealed the Indoraptor having already located them. Maisie fled, and the animal chased after her; Dearing entrusted Grady with rescuing the child since Dearing could no longer run.

She kissed him quickly before he left, in the event that they did not see each other again. There she found the animal on the glass sunroof over the display room, Grady and Maisie trapped at the edge of the roof.

However, it managed to recover and did not fall as planned. The glass of the sunroof broke under its weight, but the metal supports held.

The group was saved by an ambush from Blue, who had fought viciously to defend her father figure from the prototype earlier; she pounced on the larger animal and their combined weight broke the metal supports of the sunroof.

Dearing and the others were reuinted with Webb and Rodriguez, who reported that the lab had sustained damage during the conflict which resulted in a hydrogen cyanide leak.

The deadly gas, on the verge of precipitating, had sunk into the lowest level of the manor where the animals were being held.

To save the dinosaurs from this fate, Dearing opened the cage doors to let them out, but was warned by Grady against opening the main door leading outside.

Dearing made the painful decision to let the animals die in the gas rather than let them into the world outside her control.

The other adults silently agreed with her choice, knowing that saving the animals would unavoidably mean letting them into a world where protecting them or the people and modern animals they would encounter would be impossible.

By the time Dearing and the others made it outside, most of the animals had already fled, killing at least two more mercenaries as well as Mills himself and destroying the last known sample of Indominus DNA.

Blue was the last dinosaur to leave the manor, and while Grady attempted to bring her into captivity, she refused and disappeared into the coastal Pacific wilds.

Sometime after May 25, the two headed north away from the Lockwood estate with Maisie, now having violated U.

Dearing originally attended college on the East Coast for political science, and had a fifteen-year plan as of to attain a law degree despite her humble origins and become a U.

While her law school and political career plans did not pan out and she became a Jurassic World manager instead, and it is unknown if she finished her undergraduate degree, Dearing retained a comprehensive knowledge of animal rights law and American politics where it was relevant to her interests and values.

She considered herself to have good social skills, a necessary trait for a politician—particularly a female politician, as women are traditionally placed under far greater scrutiny than men of similar authority.

A personal essay she submitted to the Bright Minds program was personally selected by Simon Masrani; one of only twelve to be accepted out of possibly hundreds or thousands, Masrani himself considered it his favorite.

She does have extensive experience performing public relations work, even during a period of time between and when she became progressively detached as a result of her administrative position at Jurassic World.

After , Dearing returned to her political roots and utilized her experience and skills to manage the Dinosaur Protection Group both online and offline.

Ultimately, though, in a period of time in which environmentalism and animal rights were strongly opposed by many governments including that of the United States, she did not receive support from governmental powers other than the Costa Rican Department of Biological Preserves.

She was active in lobbying during , and in the final days of the Isla Nublar debates she was able to convince at least one U.

Her use of legal knowledge and activism has been a feature since her childhood; she first used photographic evidence and written documentation to bring legal action in a case of animal abuse at the age of twelve.

In person, Dearing has often struggled to maintain close friendships. As a child and young adult, her interests were considered unconventional for a girl, which caused her to be socially isolated though she was still very close with her immediate family.

She developed a strong sense of independence and ambition, which meant that her male peers often found her intimidating.

In college, however, she made a number of friends who shared her interests, and made more friends at the Bright Minds internship program.

During her career at Jurassic World, her personality was overtaken by a sense of detached professionalism and she was disliked by some of her coworkers because of this, though her employer Simon Masrani continued to see her value.

She was apparently unaware of the way in which her personality became more restricted during her career. After the incident, which had caused her to realize the ways in which she had changed, she sought to return the social skills she had developed during her young adulthood.

Though she was generally more capable of maintaining friendships after this, she also returned a tendency to be more trusting than is perhaps advisable in the corporate world.

Dearing struggles with romantic relationships due to Western cultural standards. In Western culture, especially prior to the late s, women are expected to be submissive, whereas Dearing strongly values independence and the ability to maintain control over her life and surroundings.

While this ensures that she can detect an unhealthy relationship fairly quickly, it also leads to some people perceiving her as being overly controlling and unwilling to take risks or relax.

Due to a combination of her childhood love of animals and her small social circle, Dearing has developed a not-insubstantial skill at understanding and caring for animals.

She has owned at least two pets, a blue-tongued skink named Sally Ride and a dog named Earhart.

The latter was adopted from a local animal shelter where Dearing volunteered during high school, where she helped to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome many local animals.

She learned to care for wild animals as well; while her sister Karen was in college, she rehabilitated an injured fox with help from wildlife authorities.

Her knowledge of contemporary animal behavior and physiology came into play here, though these animals presented a challenge to even seasoned biologists due to the fact that they did not exist a mere eighteen years before Dearing excelled at learning what scientists had already discovered and making novel conclusions based on this, and worked with InGen employees and interns to improve dinosaur welfare.

She lost some of her skills between and , when her career in administration took her farther away from the animals.

During the incident, the deaths of several animals in the park caused her to reconsider her position and her skills began to return.

Since then, she has regained her skill at understanding and empathizing with animals, though she is known to prioritize human safety over animal welfare in some cases.

Jurassic World saw around twenty thousand visitors on an average day, with even more coming during the summer and winter holidays.

By , Dearing was able to efficiently manage this traffic and maintain high ratings among the guests. Dearing also has some experience running nonprofits.

She founded the Dinosaur Protection Group , a de-extinct animal rights lobbying organization, and managed it from onward.

While it did not succeed in its lobbying goals due to general anti-dinosaur sentiment and scientific ignorance in the U.

Events in and later have resulted in Dearing being less capable of running the organization, and its website has not been updated since June 22, , but she retains the skills she picked up during the year the organization was active.

Having at least one year of college education and eleven years of experience working at a theme park which ran on genetic engineering, Dearing has picked up a fair amount of scientific knowledge despite her career focus being law and business.

She is known to have struggled with molecular biology, but worked closely with famous geneticist Dr. Henry Wu from the summer of until the winter of and learned much about genetics from him.

The latter is a result of her studying the effects of the stratovolcano Mount Sibo on the artificial ecosystem of Isla Nublar during and Her main scientific interests throughout her youth were paleontology, about which her knowledge was particularly extensive and up-to-date, as well as astronomy and animal behavior.

She was an avid reader of the Journal of Avocational Paleontology as of She has a good understanding of scientific methodology.

This, and her knowledge of biochemistry, were utilized during the Bright Minds internship to study and discern the cause of a health issue affecting dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.

Her experiences during the Bright Minds program demonstrate that Dearing has some limited sleuthing ability.

She exercises rigorous scientific testing and attempts to come prepared for whatever situation she anticipates, skills which have also helped her to some degree in her business career later in life.

During the James investigation, she was able to use basic blackmailing techniques to obtain useful information from a source, but also tipped off a non-complying source which nearly ended her investigation altogether.

She correctly deduced that a coverup had occurred on the island, but did not determine the nature of said coverup herself. If she has further investigated that incident since , she has not spoken publicly about her findings.

She also attempted to deduce the identity of a corporate spy on the island in , but fell for a red herring due to the incriminating evidence not being tied to a specific person.

Dearing did not own a car until later in life, though she did have her first valid U. During the Bright Minds program, she demonstrated skill at driving jeeps and the then-experimental gyrospheres.

After the incident, she either left her car on the island or sold it, as she drove a Ford Fiesta in During the and incidents, Dearing demonstrated very high proficiency at driving when under severe duress.

She has driven vehicles while under assault by predatory animals as well as natural disasters, and is able to maintain superior control over her vehicles even when in extreme conditions.

The weapon used a laser sight and did not contain any ammunition, being designed to emit a high-pitched noise to command the animal instead.

Dearing learned how to handle firearms from her father, who was a gun owner and practiced responsible hunting; he taught Dearing using a traditional hunting rifle during her childhood.

Dearing has some basic phlebotomy skill due to volunteering with the American Red Cross. She has also helped to draw blood from a de-extinct animal, particularly the external jugular vein of a Tyrannosaurus rex , in order to perform a xenotransfusion with a Velociraptor.

In , Dearing took a weightlifting course at college and stated that she enjoyed this form of exercise. She maintained good physical shape during her youth.

She performed fieldwork during the Bright Minds internship and likely some of her early employment at Jurassic World, including carrying heavy loads and spending hours on her feet.

Even when acting in a business-professional environment, Dearing maintained a fieldwork-ready form.

She typically wore high heels at all times during her business career and developed an excellent sense of balance because of this; she was able to maintain balance in this footwear even on uneven ground or while running for short distances.

At the age of five, Dearing practiced tap dance. She appears to have ceased any practice of dance after making an unrecoverable mistake during a tap dance recital.

As of her memoirs, she claims that she does not dance. While Dearing is highly skilled at public speaking and communication, she is noted to struggle with the more artistic aspects of language.

Poetry was her most challenging subject in college, and she credits her friends with being able to pass the class at all.

She is not known to speak any languages other than English, despite the international scope of her career. Her memoirs, The Evolution of Claire , are written at the young-adult level despite being published in her early thirties whether or not the book was actually published in-universe.

Dearing espouses generally liberal political views, though they are still fairly moderate by non-American international standards. She has maintained a firm stance on animal rights since a young age, strongly opposing animal cruelty of any kind and intending to facilitate the creation of new laws protecting animal welfare.

Her stance on animal rights faltered sometime during her tenure as Senior Assets Manager at Jurassic World, a position that required her to simplify the animals in her care due to the sheer number of them she managed.

Her devotion to animal rights was rekindled due to the Isla Nublar incident; de-extinct animal rights in particular became her main talking point and was the impetus for her founding the Dinosaur Protection Group.

Since , she has lobbied for de-extinct animals to be granted the same rights as naturally-extant endangered species.

Dearing has supported the idea of women in STEM fields since her young adulthood, as well as women in positions of leadership.

She strongly endorses diversity in the workplace, and practiced this in her own nonprofit organization by hiring employees of varying racial backgrounds, sexualities, and other attributes.

In all of her political beliefs, Dearing is not beyond confronting any percieved injustice or people who perpetuate it. She supports the recreation of extinct forms of life for both their scientific and intrinsic value, and firmly disagrees with the idea that de-extinct animals should be considered the property of their creators.

However, other aspects of genetic engineering are not endorsed by Dearing. While she was one of the authorities who signed off on the creation of the Indominus rex , her commentary and mannerisms regarding the result suggest that she had reservations about the artificial creation of species.

By , she expressed no empathy toward the Indoraptor and appears to have viewed it as an unnatural creature with no place in the modern world.

De-extinct animals belonging to natural genera are universally viewed by Dearing as deserving of quality life, even though they were created by human intervention and their natural ecology died out milllions of years ago.

Hybrids belonging to artificial genera are seldom, if ever, considered worthy of life by Dearing, who has directly contributed to efforts to kill two different hybrid animals.

Dearing, as of , believed that the development of neopaleontology was largely beneficial to society and dismissed traditional paleontology as an outdated science.

However, as of , she did acknowledge the contributions of traditional paleontologists such as Dr. Alan Grant and Billy Brennan to the overall understanding of prehistoric and de-extinct life.

Her passion was originally animal welfare; the reason she had gone into political science was due to an early realization that only through the possession of wealth could a person make real change in a capitalist society.

As of such, she sought the endorsement of Simon Masrani in the hopes that he would support her political career in the future.

Dearing has long believed that capitalism can be used to solve many global issues such as animal welfare by encouraging the wealthy to contribute their resources, a view which some people consider naive.

Her views aligned with those of Simon Masrani, who wanted to use his wealth to encourage people to appreciate and preserve nature.

Dearing came to agree with his stance on business and the methods he used, even though when she first began at Jurassic World as an intern she took issue with the way he handled incidents in the park.

From that point onward, she refocused on animal welfare in particular, wanting to atone for the damage she failed to prevent at Jurassic World.

With the Dinosaur Protection Group, she engaged with political figures through lobbying, rather than becoming directly involved as a Senator like she had planned in her youth.

She also encouraged crowdfunding of the proposed rescue operation, relying on the support of common people.

Despite this more left-leaning methodology, she was still quick to take the help of Benjamin Lockwood and his immense fortune, so Dearing still held out hope that the wealthy would ultimately be kindhearted and generous when push came to shove.

This left her vulnerable to the machinations of Eli Mills, though Lockwood himself actually was acting altruistically. In contrast to some respected scientists such as Dr.

Ian Malcolm, who opposed the Dinosaur Protection Group in , Dearing believes that humans should intervene to improve conditions in the natural world rather than simply reduce their impact and leave nature to itself.

Much of this view was shaped by her experience in Jurassic World, an environment where nature appeared to be largely under human control.

In the park, the illusion of control led to a state of complacency that ended with great damage being done to the artificial ecosystem on the island.

Once the island was abandoned, nature took hold, but this caused the dinosaurs to begin to die out first due to intense competition for resources and then due to changing natural conditions.

While the extinction of the dinosaurs would have been a completely natural event, Dearing believed that humans had an obligation to protect the dinosaurs from extinction.

Dearing firmly opposes animal cruelty. As of , she made an effort to use only vegan cosmetics, such as those produced by Ivy Rose.

However, in terms of diet, she was not a vegan or even vegetarian, enjoying meats such as breakfast sausage and turkey.

She vehemently opposes trophy hunting, but supports the practice of responsible and sustainable subsistence hunting.

She appears to support the protection of naturally-extant animals from human-caused ecological damage, but does not seem to have objections to extinctions of modern life due to natural disasters for example, the Nublar tufted deer is most likely extinct due to the eruption of Mount Sibo, but the DPG has not brought up this fact at any point.

In a non-canon advertisement, she endorses Wild Aid, particularly advocating for the protection of the rhinoceros.

Family relationships among the Dearings have not always been stable. During her eleven years on Isla Nublar from age nineteen to age thirty , she did express guilt at not seeing her family more often, but chose to focus on her work.

Much of this was due to the pressures put on her as a woman in a STEM-oriented environment; even today, women are typically expected to not take positions of power or perform intellectual work.

Dearing was often under immense stress to meet and exceed the expectations of skeptics, and she believed that having children would be more than she could handle.

Karen is known to have tried to pressure her sister into having children anyway. Although Dearing did not intend to have children, she was certainly not above romantic relationships.

However, she maintained her feminist beliefs in romance as well as in the workplace, and would not stay in relationships where control was taken away from her.

Her romantic interests may not even realize that they are infringing on her comfort zone simply due to societal traditions; in these cases, such as with Grady, she will typically give them second chances.

If a romantic interest is clearly attempting to remove her sense of independence on purpose, Dearing is unafraid to push them away.

She cares deeply about her younger relatives, such as her nephews Zach and Gray Mitchell, and as leader of the DPG she strove to get children involved in the activism.

From mid onward, she has taken up caring for Maisie Lockwood, whom she met when the latter was nine years old and had recently lost her only family.

At the age of nineteen, Dearing was acrophobic, which resulted in her experiencing great discomfort while flying. She could not fly in an airplane with the window open.

However, fourteen years later at the age of thirty-three, she had overcome this discomfort and could watch out the window of an airplane in flight without difficulty.

It is unknown if she still suffers acrophobia otherwise. The incident left her with trauma that still affected her years later, but she does not have a fear of dinosaurs.

While Dearing supports animal rights, she is not a vegan or vegetarian. As of , her favorite breakfast foods included pancakes, sausage, and orange juice.

She was a heavy coffee drinker and did not prefer tea. As of , she was on a diet and would not drink alcohol, but appears to have gone off of this diet as of and is willing to drink alcohol again.

As of , one of her favored meals was flatbread pizza with extra cheese and sauce. She also enjoyed turkey-and-swiss sandwiches and salads.

She was born on the East Coast, where her parents lived for most of the rest of their lives. Her father was a carpenter, mechanic, beekeeper, hunter, and agriculturalist; he wanted Dearing to remain close to home, but also supported her endeavors in any way he could.

Her mother tended to worry, and was much more vocal about wanting to keep Dearing close to home. Ultimately, when Dearing had the opportunity to move away, her mother respected her decision, but was clear about her discomfort with her youngest child leaving.

Dearing felt guilt about leaving her mother behind, as they did share a genuine familial love for each other. In , the Dearing parents experienced marital difficulties, and Dearing partially blamed herself for not helping them more.

Her sister Karen was more like their mother than Claire herself was, so they had a similar relationship. Dearing often likened her sister to her mother, especially as her sister became an adult and had a family of her own.

Karen married into the Mitchell family, having her first child before Dearing went to college and a second child after the Bright Minds program.

Dearing cared about her nephews, but when her career at Jurassic World began, she could only see them occasionally.

The longest she went without visiting was from until At the end of , Dearing agreed to have her nephews visit Jurassic World to delay their discovery of the fact that Karen and her husband were divorcing.

She planned to spend time with them, but could not do so on the day they arrived due to ongoing developments with the park.

Later on that day, an emergency situation developed on the island and Dearing took it upon herself to protect her nephews from danger and ensure that they safely returned to their parents.

For the first time in perhaps her entire life, she neglected her professional duties to protect her family members.

After the incident, which caused her to lose her job, the Mitchells helped her get back on her feet. In her childhood, Dearing had two pets.

Her first pet was a female blue-tongued skink she named Sally Ride after a famous astronaut, who she got when she was eight years old.

When she was in high school, she helped to rescue a feral female dog and win her trust, later adopting her out of the local animal shelter where she volunteered and naming the dog Earhart.

This dog was a mutt with some Labrador and Rottweiler heritage. By all accounts, Dearing was an exellent pet parent and had a loving relationship with her pets.

In grade school, Dearing had fairly few friends, but in college was able to connect with people who had similar views and interests to herself.

She had one brief romantic interest in her freshman year of college, a young man named Jackson who her friends set her up with.

Eventually Dearing broke off their relationship due to his constant negging, which resulted in him coming to her dorm room to give an angry outburst.

Regina made a show of solidarity with Dearing, and Jackson began to avoid her as he realized he could not assert dominance.

Dearing eventually learned that he had not cared for her beyond simple sexual attraction, so she did not consider this a loss.

Dearing also grew close to some of her professors during college. Professor Gillian, her Poetry professor, taught her most challenging course; she was particularly close with Professor Broadhurst, who offered to be her mentor despite Dearing only being a freshman.

In the spring of , Simon Masrani opened a second though first on official records internship program for Jurassic World called Bright Minds.

Twelve college students, mostly first years from the United States, were selected based on their academic performance and personal essays.

When Dearing arrived to Isla Nublar in August of that year, he personally spoke to her about her ambition and was impressed as she surpassed his expectations.

Masrani continued to support her throughout the program. Masrani was impressed that the favors she asked were to help a sick child and her desperate siblings, asking nothing for herself.

Masrani offered Dearing a job at Jurassic World when the internship concluded, which she accepted. Masrani and Dearing worked closely over the next eleven years, with his trust in Dearing helping her ascend the ranks at Jurassic World.

Eventually, she became Senior Assets Manager and Operations Manager at the park, being among the top brass at the park and within Masrani Global.

Between and , Masrani was too busy to visit Isla Nublar, so during that time Dearing managed almost all aspects of the park without his help.

Despite their differences, Masrani still considered Dearing a highly capable and valuable employee who he entirely trusted, even if he wished she would take time to relax and care for herself.

He was responsible for bringing her and animal behaviorist Owen Grady, with whom she had previously had a romantic relationship, together while preparing the park for the Indominus.

Rather than assigning blame, Masrani worked to solve the problem and worked with Dearing to recapture the animal.

When efforts failed, he took to the field himself, inadvertently saving Dearing by drawing the animal away from her and Grady after it ambushed them.

Using his helicopter JW, he pursued it across the island while Dearing and Grady followed; this culminated in an incident at the Jurassic World Aviary in which JW crashed.

Dearing and Grady were present when this occurred, but were helpless to stop the disaster from unfolding. Simon Masrani died in the helicopter crash.

When she was accepted into the Bright Minds internship program, one of the first of her fellow interns that Dearing met was a business student from Portland, Maine named Justin Hendricks.

Upon realizing he was sitting next to her, Hendricks immediately made it clear that he was not going to harass her, which the then-nineteen Dearing found both attractive and amusing.

On the flight, they bonded over shared discomfort with flying and discussed paleontology and ethics, becoming romantically drawn to each other before the plane had even lifted off.

Throughout the internship program, Hendricks and Dearing chose to work closely together on numerous projects due to their mutual attraction.

Hendricks frequently defended her against one particular mysogynistic intern. They almost kissed on a few occasions, but Hendricks would always wait for Dearing to initiate because he believed this was more respectful than attempting to initiate himself.

They did actually kiss on one occasion, but never officially claimed that they were in a relationship. Together, they discovered the true source of an ailment which affected some of the dinosaurs in the valley, and uncovered evidence of corporate espionage occurring within Bright Minds.

While Dearing also put herself in mortal danger attempting to save him in turn, she was too late to help, and he was severely mauled and bled to death.

Dearing was the last person to see him alive, and was present when he died. The two became friends, and Dearing worked frequently with her and occasionally her brother.

Tanya was the first to recognize the unspoken romantic attraction between Dearing and business intern Justin Hendricks, and often backed up Dearing during disagreements or conflict with other interns or Jurassic World staff.

Victory was a participant in an expensive experimental medical trial carried out by Mosby Health. Dearing took a liking to Victory during the occasion that they met, likening her name to a superhero and her appearance to a pixie.

She sympathized with her condition upon learning that she was chronically ill. Dearing suspected their fellow intern Wyatt of being a corporate spy because of his history of obtaining information through illicit means as well as his generally unlikable personality.

This caused her to miss the signs that the Skye twins were corporate spies, having been bribed by Mosby Health to steal trade secrets from InGen in return for Victory getting free healthcare including participation in her medical trial.

The emergency exit hatch also opened; when the paddock was finished, this would have led to a secondary paddock area, but at this point it only led to the jungle outside.

A female Velociraptor was released from the holding pen; Dearing, Hendricks and the twins fled into the holding pen when the animal prevented their escape via the hatch.

Dearing activated an emergency button which closed the holding pen gates and sent an emergency alert, but the animal managed to get inside before the gates shut.

The Skye twins were held by InGen Security after being apprehended. Tanya refused to speak to the head of ACU before she had a chance to speak to Dearing, and Eric followed suit.

Dearing agreed to talk to her. After they spoke, Tanya confessed to ACU. While Dearing did not speak with members of the Skye family after this, she did act on their behalf one more time.

Dearing blackmailed Simon Masrani, requesting that their crime not be made known and that the health trial be funded to completion as well as Victory Skye getting a complete education funded by money from Masrani Global Corporation.

These two young women helped Dearing and Tanya Skye with the behavioral modification project for Pearl the juvenile Brachiosaurus.

Dearing also liked veterinary student Art, her only male friend on the island aside from her love interest Justing Hendricks, though she was not as close with Art as she was with her female friends.

Her only real enemy on the island was Harvard student Wyatt, who was in Bright Minds chiefly because his father a Masrani Global board member pulled strings in his favor.

Wyatt had highly disparaging opinions about women but lacked any particular skills or experience to make him otherwise useful or even likable.

Wyatt frequently irritated Dearing on purpose, attempting to make her appear unqualified for the internship, but largely failed at this and actually ended up revealing his own incompetence instead.

Nonetheless, Dearing had to persist at ignoring his taunts during the months of the internship. Henry Wu involving the eggs of an entirely new Pteranodon breed.

He joined Dearing and Tanya Skye in this project, though he was demonstrably less motivated and refused to participate in the work. Dearing suspected that Wyatt was a corporate spy, though it turned out that he was actually just incompetent.

A freshman college student from Boston, Massachusetts, Izzy James was an intern in a classified program that preceeded Bright Minds.

She stayed in the same room at the Isla Nublar Hilton that Claire Dearing would stay in several months later, and kept a journal of her experiences on the island.

During her time there, she investigated an unidentified bronchial affliction that affected some of the dinosaurs in the central valley, but was herself under investigation by an unknown party.

During a storm on March 3, she stayed behind when the island was evacuated to save one of the animals from smoke inhalation, but the boat left without her when conditions worsened.

James died, supposedly, in a jeep crash on the road to Ferry Landing. As a result, she and Dearing never met.

However, her journal was left hidden inside the frame of one of the beds in her hotel room, and Dearing discovered it during the Bright Minds program.

She eventually discovered who Izzy James was and the fact that her obituary lied about the cause and location of her death. She learned from Simon Masrani that James died in a vehicular accident after rescuing a dinosaur during a fire caused by the severe storm, but Dearing retained suspicions that foul play may have been involved.

In or , Dearing facilitated a partnership between Jurassic World and a foundation started by the deceased Dr.

Dearing successfully negotiated the partnership between Jurassic World and the Lockwood Foundation, and also gained a friend in Lockwood himself.

Although she and Mills did not stay in contact afterward, they remembered their meeting fondly. Sibo and transport them to the Sanctuary island.

The pack includes three new dinosaurs, Albertosaurus , Euoplocephalus and Ouranosaurus , two new island locations, a new paleobotany mechanic and numerous other additional features.

The Jurassic World Evolution experience just got bigger and the stakes are higher than ever. This expansion pack features a whole host of new missions, dinosaurs, locations and loads more waiting to be unlocked by you on the islands.

Time is running out as the once dormant Mt. Sibo is expected to erupt at any minute and is threatening to send the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar back to extinction.

Leap into action with Claire Dearing, voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard, as you work together on this rescue mission to save these magnificent creatures.

A pair of Albertosaurus and a dead Stegosaurus , with another Stegosaurus in the background. When meeting with John Hammond's old partner, Benjamin Lockwood James Cromwell , she's genuinely charmed by his granddaughter, Maisie , who's playing among his dinosaur dioramas.

The idea of a child running amok among the displays would have put old Claire into a frenzy, but this new version of the character seems to no longer view kids as a nuisance.

While World saw Claire grimace at her nephew's rush to hug her, Fallen Kingdom has her stretching out her arms to Maisie, hoping to embrace the girl.

But that scene of an attempted loving embrace, which comes late in the movie, also proves that Fallen Kingdom has no intention of letting Claire actually use her newfound maternal abilities.

In the thick of the climax, when Claire and Chris Pratt's Owen are trying to gain Maisie's trust, they're both tender in their words and comforting in their approach.

But when Claire stretches out her arms to envelop the child in safety, the girl runs past her and instead heads straight into Owen's burly chest.

The scene mimics how in World , Claire's nephews quickly latched on to Owen, the motorcycle-riding, raptor-training, macho man who could truly protect them — rather than their own blood relative.

And while Claire may have not minded being rejected by a child then, the version of her in Fallen Kingdom most certainly does.

While World seems to berate Claire for her lack of maternal instinct, Fallen Kingdom feels like it's mocking Claire for even trying to be parental.

The moment of Maisie rejecting Claire and instead heading for Owen may seem like a tiny move on the girl's part, but Claire's crushed look when the girl denies her outreach is heartbreaking.

It feels like punishment, because motherhood was what Claire was "supposed" to want and was criticized for not wanting back in the first movie.

When she finally embraces it now and gets rejected, the thought of, "Why did I even bother?

Jurassic World Claire Neuigkeiten

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Jurassic World Claire - Navigationsmenü

Als die bewaffneten Jäger entgegen Owens Anweisungen versuchen, Blue zu betäuben, wehrt sich diese und wird infolgedessen angeschossen und gefangen genommen. Nachdem Owen und Claire zusammen mit Dr. Dort treffen sie auch Zia wieder, die von Wheatley dazu gezwungen wird, Blue zu behandeln.

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