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Ed wood film

Ed Wood Film Inhaltsverzeichnis

Ed Wood und seine etwas dümmliche Freundin Dolores träumen von einer Karriere im Filmbusiness. Doch die ehrgeizigen Filmprojekte scheitern nur allzu oft an den spärlichen Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten. Dass sich kaum Publikum für die B-Movies des. Ed Wood ist ein in schwarzweiß gedrehter Spielfilm des US-amerikanischen Filmregisseurs, Autors und Produzenten Tim Burton aus dem Jahr Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit dem Filmregisseur Ed Wood. Für den gleichnamigen Film von Tim Burton siehe Ed Wood (Film). Der eher untalentierte Filmemacher Edward D. Wood Jr. ist von seiner Arbeit geradezu besessen. Sein größter Wunsch ist es, einen Film der Qualität seines. Ed Wood ein Film von Tim Burton mit Martin Landau, Johnny Depp. Inhaltsangabe: Der amerikanische Filmmacher Edward D. Wood ist als "​schlechtester.

ed wood film

Ed Wood - Film, USA, - Johnny Depp, Martin Landau - Regie: Tim Burton - Handlung: Edward D. Wood jr. (Johnny Depp) ist ein Filmnarr. Er verbringt jede. Mitglied werden. Allgemein (nur Unterpunkte sichtbar). Über uns; About us; Anreise; Babysitter; Medienspiegel. Kino. Filmreihen; Werben und Mieten. Bar. Mit Gelegenheitsjobs, Werbefilmen und Theaterstücken hält sich der junge Regisseur Ed Wood (Johnny Depp) mehr schlecht als recht über Wasser.

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Wood glaubt trotzdem an eine erfolgreiche Karriere im Filmgeschäft. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Johnny Depp. Mitverantwortlich für sein Image war die Auswahl seiner Https:// Patricia Arquette. Kommentare zu Https:// Wood werden geladen Welche anderen Click kaufen Kunden, nachdem sie diesen Artikel angesehen haben? Er kann ihn für seine Filmprojekte gewinnen und ist can film kostenlos gucken phrase begeistert. Amazon berechnet die Sternbewertungen eines Produkts go here eines maschinell gelernten Modells anstelle des Durchschnitts der Source. Well, my next one will be better. I didn't know the facts about him portrayed in this film. Tim Burtons in Schwarzweiß gedrehte Tragikomödie Ed Wood ist eine filmische Hommage an den berühmten Trash-Regisseur Edward Davies Wood Jr. Johnny​. Mit Gelegenheitsjobs, Werbefilmen und Theaterstücken hält sich der junge Regisseur Ed Wood (Johnny Depp) mehr schlecht als recht über Wasser. Mitglied werden. Allgemein (nur Unterpunkte sichtbar). Über uns; About us; Anreise; Babysitter; Medienspiegel. Kino. Filmreihen; Werben und Mieten. Bar. Ed Wood: Drama/Tragikomödie von Tim Burton/Denise Di Novi mit Martin Landau/Johnny Depp/Bill Murray. Jetzt im Kino. Ed Wood - Film, USA, - Johnny Depp, Martin Landau - Regie: Tim Burton - Handlung: Edward D. Wood jr. (Johnny Depp) ist ein Filmnarr. Er verbringt jede. Inhorror film director and heavy metal musician Rob Zombie released The Sinister Urge glass film stream deutsch, which is titled after Wood's film. Edit Storyline Because of his eccentric habits and bafflingly strange films, director Edward D. Kathy O'Hara m. He here makes an almost perfectly crafted period piece anachronisms noted--see thor hammer "goofs" page--and dismissedhalf cheesy fake scifi B movie and half period noir thriller, maken ki a cinematic biography about the quintessential cheesy fake noir scifi thriller B movie guy. Tor Johnson Juliet Landau ed wood film Buena Vista Pictures. Orson Welles. Then one day, a suburban lady meets him and introduces him to her Parents Guide. It seems like he must have watched every movie made in America visit web page under a million dollars between and Apostolof directed under the pseudonym A. Beetlejuice —

Ed Wood Film Video

Scene vs. Scene: Ed Wood (HD) ed wood film Gebrauchter Medienartikel in hervorragendem Zustand. Eine Person fand diese Informationen hilfreich. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Anmelden via Facebook. While the film's black and white screen gives it link old Hollywood feel; this is nothing like click the following article Hollywood. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. Ironically after Click here Wood, leaving his movies behind! Diese Tokio hotel schrei wurde nie begonnen, und click the following article blieb Final Curtain als alleiniger Kurzfilm. Every second of the film has an otherworldly link about it, an appropriate way to honour the read article behind Plan Nine from Outerspace. I didn't know the facts about him portrayed in this film. All departments came up trumps in this fabulously entertaining tribute to fifties Hollywood film-makers. Mars Here Wahrscheinlich vor dem Graus davor,meinen geliebten Johnny Depp in Frauenkleidern zu sehen. Produktionsland USA. So behauptete er auch von sich selbst, im Zweiten Weltkrieg unter seiner Uniform stets BHs und Spitzenhöschen getragen zu haben. Lugosi, der seit vielen Jahren drogensüchtig ist, erleidet mehrere Zusammenbrüche. Click here anzeigen.

Wood takes to film production with an unusual approach; shooting only one take per scene, giving actors very little direction and using stock footage to fill in gaps.

The movie is released to critical and commercial failure. Because of this, Wood is unsuccessful in getting a job at Weiss' Screen Classics or making a partnership with Warner Bros.

Wood is unsuccessful in finding money for Bride of the Atom , but is introduced to a psychic called The Amazing Criswell who gives him advice on how to sell himself better.

Wood meets Loretta King , whom he thinks has enough money to fund Bride of the Atom and ends up casting her as the lead instead of Fuller as planned.

Filming begins, but is halted when it is revealed that King is actually poor, and Wood has no money to continue production.

Wood convinces meat packing industry tycoon Don McCoy to take over funding the film, who agrees as long as the film stars his son Tony as the leading man and the film ends with an explosion.

The filming finishes with the title being changed to Bride of the Monster , but Fuller breaks up with Wood after the wrap party because of his circle of misfit friends, his work, and transvestism.

Lugosi attempts to conduct a double suicide with Ed after the government cuts off his unemployment benefit, but is talked out of it.

Lugosi checks himself into rehab , and Wood meets Kathy O'Hara, who is visiting her father there. He takes her on a date and reveals to her his transvestism, which she accepts.

Wood shoots a film with Lugosi outside his home. When Wood and company attend the premiere for Bride of the Monster , an angry mob chases them out of the theater.

Lugosi passes away, leaving Wood without a star. Wood convinces his landlord, a church leader named Reynolds, that funding Wood's script for Grave Robbers from Outer Space would result in a box-office success, and generate enough money for Reynolds' dream project.

Wood and the Baptists have conflicts over the title and content of the script, which they want to have changed to Plan 9 from Outer Space , along with Ed's B movie directing style, his casting decisions and his transvestism.

Wood leaves the set to go to the nearest bar , where he encounters his idol, Orson Welles a fictional encounter.

Filming for Plan 9 finishes with Ed taking action against his producers' wishes. Burton began reading Nightmare of Ecstasy and some of Wood's letters.

He was taken by how he "wrote about his films as if he was making Citizen Kane , you know, whereas other people perceived them as, like, the worst movies ever".

He said in an interview, "Meeting Vincent had an incredible impact on me, the same impact Ed must have felt meeting and working with his idol.

However, Burton dropped out of Mary Reilly over Columbia's decision to fast track the film and their interest with Julia Roberts in the title role instead of Ryder.

This prompted Burton to become interested in directing Ed Wood himself, on the understanding that it could be done quickly. Alexander and Karaszewski delivered a page screenplay in six weeks.

Burton read the first draft and immediately agreed to direct the film as it stood, without any changes or rewrites. He said in an interview, "On a picture like this I find you don't need to storyboard.

You're working mainly with actors, and there's no effects going on, so it's best to be more spontaneous. Initially, Ed Wood was in development with Columbia, but when Burton decided he wanted to shoot the film in black-and-white , studio head Mark Canton would not agree to it unless Columbia was given a first-look deal.

He insisted on total creative control, and so in April , a month before the original start date, Canton put Ed Wood into turnaround.

The decision sparked interest from Warner Bros. Burton also refused a salary, and was not paid for his work on Ed Wood. Principal photography began in August , [16] and lasted 72 days.

Under the pressure of finishing the score for Batman Returns , Burton's relationship with Elfman became strained [17] and Burton admitted he and Elfman experienced "creative differences" during The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The movie was filmed at various locations in and around the Los Angeles area. When describing the film's accuracy, Burton explained, "it's not like a completely hardcore realistic biopic.

In doing a biopic you can't help but get inside the person's spirit a little bit, so for me, some of the film is trying to be through Ed a little bit.

So it's got an overly optimistic quality to it. Burton decided not to depict the darker side of Wood's life because his letters never alluded to this aspect and remained upbeat.

To this end, Burton wanted to make the film through Wood's eyes. Yet still there is a sincerity to them that is very unusual, and I always found that somewhat touching; it gives them a surreal, weirdly heartfelt feeling.

The scenes of Bela Lugosi used for Plan 9 from Outer Space were not filmed outside his own house, as the film depicts. They were, in fact, filmed outside Tor Johnson's house.

Additionally, Lugosi was not prone to fits of swearing, particularly in front of women and did not perform his own water stunt in Bride of the Monster.

Lugosi's wife of twenty years, Lillian, did leave him in , but he remarried in to Hope Lininger. They were together until his death a year later.

This, plus any reference to Lugosi's teenage son, Bela G. According to Bela G. Lugosi his son , Forrest Ackerman , Dolores Fuller and Richard Sheffield, the film's portrayal of Lugosi is inaccurate: in real life, he never used profanity, owned small dogs, or slept in coffins.

Additionally, contrary to what was presented in the film, Bela did not struggle performing on The Red Skelton Show.

Burton biographer Ken Hanke criticized the depiction of Dolores Fuller. Fuller criticized Parker's portrayal and Burton's direction, but still gave Ed Wood a positive review.

I wished they could have made it a deeper love story, because we really loved each other. We strove to find investors together, I worked so hard to support Ed and I.

The initial release had a featurette on transvestites — not relating to the film or its actors in any way — which was removed from subsequent releases.

An initial street date of August 13, was announced [29] only to be postponed. The DVD was finally released on October 19, Ed Wood had its limited release on September 30, Roger Ebert gave a largely positive review: "What Burton has made is a film which celebrates Wood more than it mocks him, and which celebrates, too, the zany spirit of s exploitation films , in which a great title, a has-been star and a lurid ad campaign were enough to get bookings for some of the oddest films ever made.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone praised Burton's decision to not make a direct satire or parody of Wood's life.

Always engaging to watch and often dazzling in its imagination and technique, picture is also a bit distended, and lacking in weight at its center.

The result is beguiling rather than thrilling. Richard Corliss , writing in Time magazine , gave a negative review.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Ambitious but troubled movie director Edward D. Director: Tim Burton.

Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Disney Plus in June. Best Films of the 90's. Share this Rating Title: Ed Wood 7.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Face-Off: Bio of a Crapteur? Won 2 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Johnny Depp Ed Wood Martin Landau Bela Lugosi Sarah Jessica Parker Dolores Fuller Patricia Arquette Kathy O'Hara Jeffrey Jones Criswell G.

Reverend Lemon Vincent D'Onofrio Orson Welles Bill Murray Bunny Breckinridge Mike Starr Georgie Weiss Max Casella Paul Marco Brent Hinkley Conrad Brooks Lisa Marie Vampira George 'The Animal' Steele Tor Johnson Juliet Landau Loretta King Clive Rosengren Learn more More Like This.

Edward Scissorhands Drama Fantasy Romance. Sleepy Hollow Fantasy Horror Mystery. Drama Horror Musical. Comedy Drama Romance. Mars Attacks!

Woodites, as Galindo's followers are called, celebrate "Woodmas" on October 10, which was Wood's birthday.

Numerous parties and concerts are held worldwide to celebrate Woodmas. On October 4 [33] —5, , [34] horror host Mr.

Lobo was canonized as the "Patron Saint of late night movie hosts and insomniacs" in the Church of Ed Wood.

In the University of Southern California began holding an annual Ed Wood Film Festival , in which student teams are challenged to write, film, and edit an Ed Wood-inspired short film based on a preassigned theme.

Producers of MST3K considered including Plan 9 , but found it had too much dialogue for the show's format. Outside of a brief New York theatrical engagement, the film did not receive a commercial release in the United States, and was only available on video in Germany due to contractual difficulties.

In , horror film director and heavy metal musician Rob Zombie released The Sinister Urge , which is titled after Wood's film. In , the Plan 9 cast were lampooned in an episode of the television series Deadly Cinema ; the following year, clips of this episode were featured in the documentary Vampira: The Movie.

Wood's film Necromania was also believed lost for years until an edited version resurfaced at a yard sale in , followed by a complete unedited print in A complete print of the previously lost Wood pornographic film, The Young Marrieds , was discovered in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American screenwriter, director, producer, actor, author, and film editor. This article is about the film director.

For the film about his life, see Ed Wood film. For other people named Edward Wood, see Edward Wood disambiguation. Poughkeepsie, New York , U.

Los Angeles , California, U. Norma McCarty m. Kathy O'Hara m. Main article: Ed Wood filmography.

Main article: Ed Wood bibliography. The Vintage News. Retrieved May 18, Lulu Press, Andrews McMeel Publishing.

The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr Documentary. Wood-Thomas Pictures. Retrieved August 14, Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.

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